Notary Public Services

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is a public officer, usually a practising solicitor  who is appointed for life by a State or Territory Supreme Court (or by an English Archbishop in the case of Queensland). A notary public is given statutory powers to witness documents, administer oaths, and perform other administrative functions. Such functions are performed for documents used within Australia but also for documents for use outside Australia.

In order to file or manage international trade mark matters, some overseas countries require certain documents (for example powers of attorney) to be signed in the presence of a notary public and then legalised by the relevant country’s consulate in Australia before the documents will be recognised.

To streamline our international practice, brandU Legal has an in-house Notary Public. We can assist our clients with notarial services including:

  • Authenticating official, Government and personal documents and information for use overseas
  • Witnessing signatures of individuals to documents and authenticating identity
  • Witnessing Powers of Attorney for use overseas
  • Certifying true copies of documents for use overseas
  • For corporations and business, witnessing documents and authenticating status and transactions
  • Dealing with documentation for land, property and deceased estates overseas
  • Arranging legalisation of documents with overseas Embassies or the issuing of an Apostille Certificate