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brandU Legal's lawyers are experts in IP and trade mark law both in Australia and throughout the world. Our lawyers and consultants have a combined experience of over 40 years experience in our field and have helped countless businesses to protected their brands and IP. brandU Legal is committed to providing the highest quality services at competitive fixed rates. At brandU Legal, your brand is our business.


brandU Legal's focus is ensuring our client's IP is viable and available. Our lawyers pride themselves on providing sound commercial and strategic advice to ensure your IP is properly protected. Our services reach beyond IP protection. We can assist you with all aspects of your IP. We pride ourselves on our commercial approach to our client’s IP and branding needs to ensure that our client’s brands are viable, available and protected.


brandU Legal is a one stop shop for international IP, trade mark and branding legal services. Our trusted network of international IP lawyers in over 90 countries assist us to ensure that no matter where your business is going, we can help you get there.

To further streamline our international services, we have an in-house notary public who can witness and execute documents for use overseas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A trade mark or brand is your unique business identifier. It lets the public know that the goods or services attached to the trade mark are unique to your business. Trade mark registration is therefore an invaluable asset and essential marketing tool for your business and should not be overlooked.​

A registered trade mark is the only way to gain exclusive rights to use the name or logo. Company, business and domain name registrations do not provide this right. Therefore, trade mark registration provides security that you and only you own the name in relation to your products or services.

  • Exclusivity – When you register your name or logo as a trade mark, you obtain the exclusive rights to use the name or logo.
  • Australia wide coverage – An Australian registered trade mark provides you with protection for the trade mark throughout Australia.
  • A valuable business asset – A registered trade mark is property or an asset of your business. As with any proptery, a trade mark can be sold.
  • More control of your brand – A registered trade mark allows you to license the use of your brand much easier than an unregistered trade mark.
  • The right to stop others from using your brand – With a registered trade mark, you can stop someone from using your brand without authorisation more quickly and easily that without a trade mark registration.
  • The right to use the ® symbol – Once your trade mark is registered, you can use this symbol with your trade mark wich puts others on notice of your rights.

A trade mark is registered with the relevant government authority in each country. In Australia this authority is IP Australia.  For further information concerning registering your trade mark, contact us for an obligation free discussion with one of our lawyers. 

While we always recommend that you have a searched carried out by an experienced trade mark professional, some countries provide access to their official trade mark databases. Links to these databases are:

  • IP Australia – Australian Trade Mark Database
  • IPONZ – New Zealand Trade Mark Database
  • USPTO – US Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • WIPO – Global Brands Database (covers trade marks filed via the Madrid Protocol and their designated countries (over 100 countries)
  • TM View – EU national IP Offices, the European Intellectual Property Office and a number of international partner offices outside the EU
  • UK Intellectual Property Office – UK Trade Mark Database
  • ASEAN TMView – ASEAN Member States


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