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brandU Legal's lawyers are experts in trade mark and brand protection both in Australia and throughout the world. Our lawyers have over 25 years experience and have helped countless businesses, big and small, to protected their brands. brandU Legal is committed to providing the highest quality services at competitive fixed rates. At brandU Legal, your brand is our business.

Viable, Available, Protected

At brandU Legal, we believe there is more to brand protection than simply filing a trade mark application. Anyone can file a trade mark but the viability and availability of a brand are key to the success of not only a trade mark application but a strong brand. We pride ourselves on our commercial approach to our client’s branding needs to ensure that our client’s brands are viable, available and protected.

Global Trade Marks

brandU Legal is a one stop shop for international trade mark and branding legal services. Our trusted network of international IP lawyers around the globe assist us to ensure that no matter where your business is going, we can help you get there. To further streamline our international services, we have an in-house notary public who can witness and execute documents for use overseas.

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