Why brandU Legal?



Our lawyers and trade mark attorneys have over 35 years experience in intellectual property and trade mark law in Australia and worldwide. brandU Legal manages trade mark portfolios in over 90 countries with an international network of experiences IP and trade mark professionals across the globe.

In addition to our IP and trade mark experience, as lawyers, we are qualified to assist our clients on all their general commercial legal needs.

To support our international practice, our principal lawyer is also a Notary Public.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide sound, commercially focused advice to ensure that our client’s brands are viable, available and protected. We like to think that we are different to our competitors. Yes, we are lawyers but our down to earth approach is what sets us apart. Our client’s range from sole traders to ASX listed companies but our approach is always the same. Exceptional service at competitive fixed rates.

We understand that many big-name law and IP firms can provide appropriate expertise and capable lawyers and attorneys to work with your company. However, by entrusting brandU Legal with your international trade marks as well as in Australia and New Zealand, your company will benefit from the focused-attention of a boutique, specialist trade marks firm, unencumbered by unnecessary legacy infrastructure and cost.

You will work with an ‘on demand’ team fully committed to serving your trade mark portfolio and supporting your wider brand strategy and aspirations, while achieving exceptional value for money along the way.


Our global reach is second to none. With established relationships and direct access to lawyers in all countries around the globe, we can assist our clients to protect their brand wherever they chose to go.


brandU Legal suffers neither the costs nor bureaucracy of large and commercial law firms or pressures of ASX-listed IP firms, so your work will continue to command uncompromised expert principal attention within a highly competitive fee structure.

Where possible, we provide fixed fees for our services so you don’t need to fear the dreaded “hidden costs”. Our fees are transparent and competitive as compared with other IP and trade mark lawyers. We don’t charge our client’s for each and every phone call or for preliminary advice. In cases where we cannot fix our fees, we ensure that we give you an accurate estimate of our total fees upfront so you know exactly where you stand at the get go.


Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge to manage and maintain your trade mark through the life of the registration. Once your trade mark is registered, we manage it through the 10 year registration period at no additional cost.


Our lawyers are here to help and are happy to discuss your branding and trade mark needs on a no obligations basis. All enquiries are answered on the same day so please contact us if you have a question.

Experienced Lawyers. Exceptional Service. Affordable Fees.